Becca Lo – Ace Beverage Group

For this, the 20th episode of StartWell’s Gathering series we sit down with Becca Lo, the Toronto based People & Culture Manager at Ace Beverage Group.

Becca went to university for education – but a career in teaching seemed daunting to her as she approached graduation.

A temporary role testing products for a startup called Iconic Brewing (owner of Canada’s No. 2 vodka seltzer brand, Cottage Springs) evolved quickly when the company was acquired by Ace Beverage Group in 2020.

As the combined team grew, Becca found a place in stewarding the culture of the company and is now its People & Culture Manager.

In this episode we talk about how her career has formed and some recent experiences managing a team remotely and then bringing it back in person – which apparently involves animating their office space with some interesting ways to keep everyone engaged in the company’s product development process.