Dr. Anish Kaushal – Doctor, Writer & Investor

Dr Anish Kaushal on the StartWell Podcast

Dr Anish Kaushal is an interesting guy – he worked hard to become a doctor but an administrative hiccup led to discovering a career path in VC which he found more interesting that simply practicing medicine.

Now a Venture Capital associate at Amplitude Ventures, Anish invests in companies providing innovative solutions to the industry he almost worked in.

In addition to investing in startups, Anish is also an author – he’s written a ‘ niche guide to navigating career transitions’ as well as a book of poems (one of white he reads for us at the end of this podcast.)


  • Anish’s Website: https://www.anichexperience.com/
  • Anish on LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anish-kaushal-md/
  • Amplitude: https://amplitudevc.com/ – Amplitude Ventures is a Canadian healthcare VC firm launched by BDC departing partners Dion Madsen and Jean-François Pariseau. The Firm’s geographic focus is on Canada and has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. The Fund invests across all segments of Precision Medicine, including therapeutics, medical technologies or other emerging areas including Artificial Intelligence enabling Precision Medicine, Healthcare IT and Services.