Jay Goldman (CEO & Co-founder, Sensei Labs)[Gathering Podcast Ep.11]

Jay Goldman from Sensei Labs at StartWell

For this, the 11th episode of StartWell’s Gathering podast, we sat down with Jay Goldman – the founder and CEO of Sensei Labs.

Sensei Labs was spun out of Toronto’s life sciences brand development company Klick Health – initially they commercialized an internal intranet and then evolved it into its own enterprise SaaS offering called Conductor.

Amongst other things, through this conversation Jay talks about:
– How product-market fit is a constantly evolving concept
– How his team has grown to 70 people – who are now regionally dispersed
– Why they made the decision to open a new Toronto based office during the pandemic
– Sensei’s take on the 4 day work week and how to ensure their office is made available to people who need space – even if they don’t belong to their company