Martin Hauck (The People People Group) [Gathering Podcast, Ep.16]

Martin Hauck from the People People Group at StartWell

Martin Hauck joins us in studio for StartWell’s Gathering Podcast to discuss the current state of hiring – and how his community of ‘people people‘ shares knowledge to survive this tumultuous time for HR professionals.

Currently the Head of Talent at Caseware, Martin has had a decade-plus career in HR, which started when he was recruited to become a recruiter. Initially working in industrial supplies, he made the switch to a technology focus working for companies including and StackAdapt.

Through this, Martin was looking to sound-board ideas and experiences with other HR folks but his organisations didn’t have large enough teams to enable this internally – which led to him forming a community of over 2,000 HR professionals on Slack… the People People Group.