Sam Cross (Sr Technical Recruiter, Unity) [Gathering Podcast Ep.13]

Sam Cross from Unity at StartWell

Sam Cross is a Senior Recruiter with Unity Technologies – the world’s leading platform for developing interactive real-time 3d content. Previously, she worked at Ubisoft, Drake International, Guru Studio and Rockstar Games – her passion for video games has evolved into a career within the industry that has included everything from UI/UX testing to recruiting.

As someone diagnosed with ADHD in high school, Sam didn’t realise how her condition affected her until 2020 when it started affecting her work in the absence of daily workplace routines.

In this episode of StartWell’s Gathering podcast you’ll hear Sam’s thoughts about how leaders need to encourage participatory culture in their organisations to avoid pitfalls of isolation and burnout that are more likely affects of a physically distributed ‘remote’ workforce.