Sean Huynh (Co-founder and CEO, devTalent) [Gathering Podcast ep.2]

Sean Huynh from devTalent on StartWell's Gathering Podcast

For this, the second podcast in our ‘Gathering‘ series exploring the world of People & Culture in organisations, we sit down with the cofounder of devTalent – a Toronto based firm expert in helping companies find the best software development and tech sales people.

In the conversation, Sean relates:

  • His firm’s pandemic framed foundation story
  • How devTalent has grown scope from just software devs to tech sales, account managers and more
  • What the top tech talent is looking for in a job (hint: compensation is at the top of the list but isn’t the only thing…)
  • Motivations behind the top tech talent staying at companies, hinting to how they can manage churn
  • Thoughts on how teams can find common ground socially through programmed in person meetings which are actually fun