Why the brands who stand out win – a conversation with Saul Colt

Saul Colt on the StartWell Podcast

In the post-pandemic era, marketing faces challenges such as declining efficacy and escalating costs.

Brands must take calculated risks and create spectacles to capture attention. Differentiation and establishing an identity are crucial, as is prioritizing customer needs.

For this episode of the StartWell Podcast, we sat down with Saul Colt of the Idea Integration Company – and discussed the challenges of creating a distinct brand personality in the digital age, navigating tensions between identity and expression.

You’ll hear shared insights on leading a creative agency, including the importance of hiring trustworthy employees and striking a balance between creative and strategic expertise. There are also nuggets of wisdom offered on the challenges of managing client scope and the significance of thorough planning and preparation in content creation.

*Watch the video recording of this session here.