Adam Gellert – Co-founder & CEO of Hired Hippo

Adam Gellert from Hired Hippo on the StartWell Gathering Podcast

Adam Gellert is the Founder and CEO of Hired Hippo, the leading Canadian marketplace for high potential go-to-market job candidates.

Taking a unique approach to hiring, Hired Hippo matches candidates with companies through understanding the intent and competencies of candidates whilst also developing a deep understanding of the job opportunities.

This process results in hiring companies finding ideal candidates faster who fit their culture and Hired Hippo claims a success rate for placements much higher than alternatives like linkedIN and

In this episode, Adam:
– Explains why the alternatives to his marketplace and services are messy and slow
– Relates the pain he experienced in his 20 year career in HR, which led to the foundation of his company
– Shares his value for a higher level of efficiency in the hiring process
– Outlines why success in recruiting should result in repeat business, which his company is happy to enjoy
– Much more…