Cato Pastoll – Canadian fintech bank founder

Cato Pastoll from fintech bank Loop on the StartWell Podcast

Cato Pastoll is the co-founder and CEO of a Toronto based fintech startup called Loop.

Loop bills itself as Canada’s #1 bank for entrepreneurs – with a cross border banking platform that includes corporate cards, payments, FX, capital and more in multiple currencies.

Founded about a decade ago as Lending Loop – the company launched as a platform for equity crowdfunding, before pivoting to focus on how their customers used money in addition to providing ways for them to source it.

In this episode, Cato:
– Tells us about the history of his company
– Relates the evolving need for financial services from agile young companies who operate internationally
– Explains his passion for technology and finance as a youth and how that has led to founding this company
– Compares Canada to other countries in the world who have greater flexibility and lower barriers to entry for the banking sector – like the UK
– Much more…