Lisa Mattam – Founder, Sahajan

Lisa Mattam from Sahajan at StartWell

For the 51st episode of StartWell’s Podcast, we sat down with Lisa Mattam – the Toronto based founder of Sahajan. This unique clean skincare company develops Ayurveda based products with the rigor of scientific testing to ensure best in class performance from plant based ingredients.

Inspired when her daughter covered herself in makeup one day, Lisa’s entrepreneurial journey has seen the foundation of a category-leading brand that has taken immense commitment and effort to take to market.

In this conversation, you’ll hear these amazing things, and much more:

– Some of the career background she had before embracing her path as an entrepreneur

– How Lisa was inspired to use her cultural heritage in creating a line of clean skincare products

– How she was accepted into Sephora’s first accelerator program

– The effort involved in getting her products onto shelves and into homes of her customers – including personally convincing retailers to carry Sahajan to going live on television to convince shoppers to take a chance on a new brand

– How Oprah’s wellness editor discovered Sahajan during the pandemic through their Turmeric mask and took to using it every Sunday as a ritual, calling it out as a recommended Canadian company with a founder of Indian heritage

– Some news about Sahajan’s products now being available at luxury hotels