Stefany Nieto – COO & Co-founder, Gwella/MOJO

Stefany Nieto from Gwella/MOJO on the StartWell Podcast

As with most pharmaceutical drugs, Adderall comes with side-effects which make it undesirable for a lot of people – including addictiveness, something which inspired the team behind Gwella, a Toronto based company to launch vegan non-prescription edibles that boost energy levels, focus, mental clarity and positivity.

Founded in the pandemic, Gwella is a remote-first company with 3 co-founders. We sat down in studio with Stefany Nieto, the company’s COO and one of its founders for this, the 50th episode of our StartWell Podcast.

In this episode of the StartWell Podcast you’ll a wealth of information which relates a unique foundation story valuable for anyone interested in Consumer Packaged Goods or startups in general – including:

  • The company’s foundation story
  • How Gwella is positioned to take advantage of legalisation when it eventually happens for psychedelics
  • Why MOJO had to reposition its brand early on, and how it has found a groove which is allowing it to sell globally
  • Why selling product through Amazon was initially difficult and how Stefany’s team changed things to acquire a great product review rating and ensure better supply management.
  • Why the company has high value for content and community.